Huge food bank queue snakes streets for more than a mile with 800 people in need

This video shows a queue for a food bank snaking for a shocking 1.2m (2km) as more than 800 people stand in line. Volunteers at the London Community Kitchen say the length is not uncommon, with families struggling amid the pandemic. And some workers believe that the queue in Wembley was the longest in Britain. […]


Salary cap “almost definitely” will be $182.5 million

From the moment the minimum salary cap for 2021 increased from $175 million to $180 million, we’d heard that the final number will be in the range of $182 million to $183 million. Although the final number still hasn’t been set, it likely will land right in the middle of that range. As one source […]


Head injuries may worsen cognitive decline decades later

People who experienced head injuries in their 50s or younger score lower than expected on cognitive tests at age 70, according to a study led by UCL researchers. Head injuries did not appear to contribute to brain damage characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease, but might make people more vulnerable to dementia symptoms, according to the findings […]


UBS heads into record 4.5 billion euro French tax case appeal

Swiss bank UBS will on Monday begin its appeal against a record 4.5 billion-euro ($5.37 billion) penalty levied by a French court for allegedly helping wealthy clients stash undeclared assets offshore. The case will be watched by banks across Europe, where fines for tax-related and other offences have historically been lower than in the United […]


Microsoft says the latest Xbox Series X update fixes controller disconnect issues

Microsoft released a new Xbox update earlier this week that brings toggles for Auto HDR and FPS Boost and improvements to better support the new Xbox Wireless Headset. But there was another big feature that wasn’t mentioned in the official release notes: the update also fixes “many” of the Xbox Series X controller disconnect issues […]


‘My child is like Wreck-It Ralph – he broke 12 TVs and nearly set house on fire’

It’s no secret that children often make a lot of mess and cleaning up after them can be exhausting. But if you thought your child was a menace for getting pen on the sofa or covering themselves in their dinner, then it seems you probably haven’t seen anything yet. One mum from Northampton has revealed […]